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Thomas Murray Jul 18 News / Announcements

Hello PlanGuru Users. We are pleased to announce that we have just released our latest maintenance update. Below you can find a complete list of fixes and improvements included in this update.


Non-Financial Section, Ability to Add Spacer Row: We have added the ability to add a blank “spacer” row in the non-financial section. Users no longer need to create a new category to make a work around spacer row. This improvement makes it easier to users with large non-financial sections to visually break up the section.


Link to Excel month selector keeps moving to the right: This had been around for a little while and effected users who had different screen sizes. What would happen is whenever a user went to link to Excel, on occasion the month selector checkboxes would keep moving over to the right to a point where they would no longer be visible on the screen. This issue has been resolved and the boxes will no longer keep shifting over.


Converging of Payroll Schedule From Annual to Monthly: Some users noted that if they changed the setup of their projected year from an annual year to be broken down by month. The payroll taxes would not calculate and those cells would be left blank. This has been resolved so now if that change is made payroll taxes, and the payroll schedule itself should calculate correctly.


Rows Growing to too large a size: This is a relatively new issue to PlanGuru V6. Some users noted that when they would come in and out of the program, the size of their rows kept expanding. This got to the point to where the whole screen would be taken up by just two rows. This made the file almost unable to be worked with. This has been resolved and the sizing of the program should be much better across the board.


Unable to Expand Description Column: This was a small bug where the description column in PlanGuru could not be expanded. This was not a problem for most users, however users with very long descriptions could find it difficult to see which account was which without opening the add/change category menu. This has been resolved and should no longer happen.


Behavior of Payroll Item State Selector: Not so much a bug, more of a confusing behavior. When you had no states in your payroll taxes, the selector dropdown box would show blank. When you had one state that box would disappear. Now if you have no states, the state selector box will not appear, and if you have one or more it will appear.


Unhandled Exception when opening category: Most users will not have run in to this, but on rare occasions users noted in some older files that when they tried to open certain categories, they would receive an unhandled exception error. This had to do with older methodology the program used and should not happen again.

Thomas Murray Mar 3 1 News / Announcements

Hello PlanGuru users! We are pleased to announce the release of maintenance update A full list of changes and fixes can be found below:


PlanGuru display – items appearing cut off or “scrunched up”: On more recent operating systems PlanGuru would display incorrectly. The caused the program to cut off data, and menus to not appear correctly. In some cases this caused the program to be almost unusable. This was due to newer machines defaulting to a 125% resolution level. The program has been changed so that it can accommodate for this resolution and should display without an issue now.


Payroll Taxes – Not calculating if tax limit was reached in first month: With the addition of the new payroll feature, some users encountered an issue. If they had a salary that was set up in such a way that it went over the limit on one of their payroll taxes in the first month of the projection, it would not calculate it for that month. This would throw off payroll taxes for the first month. This has been corrected so that the proper amount will display in the payroll tax section for that first month.


Payroll Taxes – Tax parameters keep being forgotten: Some users encountered a rare issue where when they added state taxes and then closed out of the payroll tax menu, they taxes would be forgotten. This would cause certain calculation to lock up until the payroll tax parameters were re-entered.


Taxes Based on Net Income – Calculation does not update automatically: In older versions of PlanGuru line items using the “Taxes Based on Net Income” the calculation would not update automatically. You would have to save the analysis, and then go back in to see any changes. Now this should update automatically.


Non-Financial Section – Compute amounts for periods using actuals: A new feature for PlanGuru V6, the formula projection method in the non-financial section can now calculate results for periods that are using actual results. This is something customers had been asking for as they don’t want to manually enter actual results for those periods. Now the formula will do the math based on actuals, and calculate the proper result for the user.

Thomas Murray October 21, 2015 2 News / Announcements

Hello PlanGuru users! We have just released maintenance update A full description of what it added, and fixed can be found below:


Quickbooks Online Import by Class Utility: When we released the ability to import from Quickbooks online, it had the initial limitation of not being able to import by class. The inability to do this was an issue for some of our larger users, or those who are dealing with multi-department setups. Fortunately this will no longer be a problem. As of this update you can now import by class from Quickbooks Online.


Import issue when mapping contiguous accounts: Users would rarely run in to an issue where if they mapped a group of accounts to a certain location then unmapped some of them, bringing them to a new location it would cause some accounts to duplicate. We now warn users when this is about to happen and advise them to assign individually.


Unable to map more than 50 accounts to one group: Users were unable to map more than 50 accounts to one group. They would map over initially, but then would appear as unmapped when you run the import again. This was usually encountered when mapping account to “Cash and Cash Equivalents”. This has been fixed and you can now link more than that to a single group.


AR/AP not updating correctly when changing days: Some users would occasionally notice that when they changed their days to pay/receive, the calculation would not update correctly. This behavior has been fixed and the category should behave as normal.


Various small changes: Fixed a small issue with the PlanGuru logo not displaying correctly. Also updated some descriptions and tool tips in some areas of the program.

Thomas Murray July 3, 2014 News / Announcements

Hello Planguru users. We are pleased to announce that we have just released another maintenance update. A list of the changes and fixes that were made can be found below:


First Budgeted Period Display Wrong Year: Some users would notice this issue when setting up and analysis. If the fiscal year an over two year (July-June for example) the program would correctly default the first budgeted year to 2014/2015 in the set up process. However once the analysis actually loaded it would show the first budgeted year as 2013/2014. This has been resolved.


Printing Reports to Excel: In rare instances users would note that when they printed a report to Excel some data would be missing. This would either be the third year of the projection, or any year beyond the fifth projected year depending on the analysis. Reports printed to Excel now correctly display all selected years.


Assumptions Report – Problems with displaying periods budgeted as a full year: If an analysis was designed to report on a full year basis, rather than using interim periods the assumptions report would not display properly. It would lack much of the detail found in the report if you used interim periods. This has been corrected as of this update.


Retained Earnings displaying incorrect values in the Cash Flow statement: Some users reported that their “Distribution/Adj to retained earnings” was being calculated incorrectly in the statement of cash flow. This has been corrected and that calculation should be represented properly.


Calc Assumptions “use of prior year amounts” not working: When users tried to use the “Calc Assumptions” feature to calculate a growth rate reported that the “use prior year amounts” did not work. The percent to grow would not calculate. This has been fixed and that calculation will populate as normal.


Import Mapping Screen – Left clicking prevents category from being mapped: If a user accidentally double left clicked on a category that they wanted to map (as opposed to right clicking it) they would receive an unhandled exception and then would be unable to map it. This has been corrected so that the unhandled exception no longer displays.


Note Payable Wizard – Issues when rolling forward: A small group of users reported that if a note payable had a zero balance, or had actuals it would not rollforward properly. Notes that had a zero balance would still have to bet set up to have a balance of at least one. This is no longer the case. These two items have been fixed and categories using the Note Payable Wizard should behave properly on the rollforward now.


Treatment of Adjust Prior Period categories when period to the period to adjust is not historical: When an analysis was rolled forward the category balance was not in line with how other categories behaved during the roll forward process. This was obviously confusing for some users, so now the program will update the period to adjust when the analysis is rolled forward.


Unhandled Exception on the Breakeven Tab: Users who were dealing with larger figures (in excess of one billion) would notice issues when trying to view the breakeven tab. They would encounter an unhandled exception error and the tab would never load. This is fixed and that tab now loads properly.

Thomas Murray March 10, 2014 News / Announcements

PlanGuru version – Release Notes:


Hello PlanGuru customers! We are pleased to announce that maintenance update has been release today (3/10/2014). Here is a full list of the fixes and updates:


Windows Region and Language setting “,” Issue – Some non-US based customers ran in to an issue with the symbol they used as a decimal separator.  Many countries use a “,” as the decimal separator, and this caused some problems when trying to save, or make Excel links using PlanGuru. This issue has been fixed in this update, and the “,” can be used as a decimal separator now.


Cash Flow; Incorrect assignment of depreciation expense - When a depreciation category is imported in to PlanGuru, their default cash flow activity was coded as “Operating”. This has been updated in this fix to correctly code as “Non-cash”.


Line of Credit Tool; First period which line is available – Some customers encountered an error when setting up a line of credit. When they tried to start it in a period of that the first year, it would always start in January. This has been corrected as of this update.


Adjust Prior Period; Non-Financial Growth Rate – In this version of PlanGuru you can substitute a non-financial growth rate when using the “adjust prior period” projection method. However this functionality was not working when the non-financial category formatted as a percent was projected using the link to Excel method.   This issue has now been fixed.

Entered by User; Enter monthly amount and apply to all periods “Calculation Loop” – Some users ran in to an issue when using the "Enter by user" > "Enter monthly amount and apply to all periods” option when actuals were used in the first projected year.  Each time the user re-opened the Add/Change category tool, the monthly amounts to apply to each period changed.   This update fixes that problem.


Link to Excel; Categories appear as Enter by User- When  the Link to Excel method was used and the analysis was  saved, exited and re-opened the linked categories would behave similar to the entered by user method.  The links were still active however values could be manually updated and caused confusion. Version fixes this issue.


Historical Data in the Cash Flow Statement – A handful of users noted that the “Show Historical Data” button did not work when they tried to use it in the Cash Flow Statement. They would have to open historical data in another sheet, and then go back to the Cash Flow Statement. This issue has now been corrected.


Taxes Based on Net Income; Import Issue – When a category was imported into the “Taxes based on Net Income” subclass the projection method was not appearing correctly for the imported category.   Some of the required dialogs were present but not all.  The issue could easily be worked around, but it was a source of confusion for many users.  With this update categories imported into the "Taxes based on Net Income" subclass now behave as designed.


Link to Excel; Error message improvement – The wording of some error messages within the “Link to Excel” feature have been improved to give the user a clearer idea of what is causing the problem.


Notes Payable; Roll forward Issue – When rolling an analysis that used actual results for budgeted periods was rolled forward the note would not properly display results for the periods marked as actuals in the original analysis. This issue has been fixed.


Line of Credit; Split Year Issue – When the first projected year began in a month other than the first month of the fiscal year, and a line of credit was created, the LOC wouldn't calculate balances in the second projected year for the periods that were missing in the first projected year. Lines of credit now behave correctly with this update.


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