Excel Import Utility for QuickBooks users




  • Dave Casebere

    This is really a good & very clear description of how to prepare files for import into PlanGuru.  But, I have a client who uses QuickBooks online  I can export a report such as a P&L using the "Excel" button in QBO then save it in CSV format but the result doesn't show any kind of delimiter character.  Can you offer any advice?   I actually have several clients that use QBO and am really hopeful there is a solution to this problem.   Thanks for your help.

  • Sara Laidlaw ASBINC

    Your customers may find my app helpful. It will export monthly net change trial balances in one csv report with the account numbers already extracted into its own field.  It will also export the P&L activity by class, if needed.  TBX Trial Balance Exporter is available as a 3rd party app for QuickBooks Desktop. 
    Here is the manual to see if it will help you. http://bit.ly/V5Manual

    It is not currently available for QBO.


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